Tangi on the Western Front

Name:  George Augustus King
Rank Last Held:  Lieutenant Colonel
Forename(s):  George Augustus
Surname:  King
Serial No.:  11/680
Place of Birth:  Christchurch, New Zealand
First Known Rank:  Captain
Occupation before Enlistment: Farmer
Marital Status: Married, 2 children
Next of Kin: Mrs A.L. King (wife)

George Augustas King was the first Commanding Officer of the New Zealand Pioneer Battalion, (which was from September 1917 known as the New Zealand (Maori) Pioneer Battalion). He was posted out from the New Zealand Pioneer Battalion to Command the 1st Battalion, Canterbury Regiment. he was with them when he was killed by British artillery fire during the attack before Passchendaele on 12 October 1917.

Of the attack where Lt.-Col. King lost his life, it was said that,

"They had poured out their blood like water. The bodies of 40 officers and 600 men lay in swathes about the wire..."

This was the blackest day in New Zealand's experience of war, with 2700 casualities. New Zealand Pioneer Battalion known as this until September 1917 when the unit became known as New Zealand (Maori) Pioneer Battalion.
 (colored tinting added to photos)

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